This workshop addresses a number of issues related to human brain mapping for people interested in combining in vivo brain measures with questions from neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry and social sciences. These issues include:

    • Brain mapping methods (e.g., fMRI, ERPs, EEG)
    • Functional neuroanatomy
    • Paradigm design for functional MRI experiments
    • Imaging pulse sequences
    • Imaging data and statistical analysis
    • Specialized lectures

    This meeting is open to public. Anyone involved in neuroimaging research is welcome to attend this weekly workshop.

    For availability, time and location of this workshop, please contact Mimi Halpern Maduff at

    Coordinating Faculty:

    • Dr. Jean Decety, Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, and co-Director of the 3T MR Imaging Research Center at the University of Chicago Medical Center